About me…

Perched atop a squeaky chair, a bin of paints and a smattering of brushes, I stare excitedly at a blank canvas. Painting and drawing is like going on vacation. It’s like riding a fickle, intangible breeze that is forever changing just as I’m getting ahold of it. My goal is to show you this wondrous place.

Currently, my work, is a variable mix of loose realism, and a more vibrant reality. Pieces up to this point have been from an artist looking to collect new perspective and techniques. Whereas now, though continuing to expand on these skills, I am focusing on the simplicity of feelings. The thickness of a line or the colors in a figure, can convey mood, inspire nostalgia, incite happiness, and excite adventure. The manipulation of color, movement and light are a few of the ways I summon feelings within my viewers. -Rachael JC

Work shown here, is available for sale on Etsy and in person at the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. All fiber items are one of a kind.

Please contact rachael@rachaeljustcreates.com for information about commission services.

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