Custom Art


Thinking about a commission piece? Here are a few things to know.

A great photo makes a great commission!  It doesn’t have to be professional, but things like: selfies with your pet, scenery photos taken into the sun, grainy images, and poor lighting will make for a difficult commission.

Communication is key!  We should be able to communicate openly throughout the commission process.  This helps you get what you want, and eliminate difficulty for both of us.

There is a deposit.  I ask half the cost of the piece be paid up front.  This is non refundable and lets me know you’re serious.  It also helps pay for the materials to get started.

I retain image and reproduction rights to all my art.

Pricing varies based on size and subject.  For example an acrylic 8×10 painting would cost $200.  The medium and size of the piece will change the price.

Finally, If you aren’t sure what types of things I will paint, just ask!

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Compass Fresco – Painted with concrete stain

A private beach front house in Seattle, WA (2018)

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Gracie (2018)


Wally (2016)

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Elijah (2015)